In the Studio with Artist LeRone Wilson

LeRoneWilson6 Pablo Picasso once said, “Everything you can imagine is real” and in the life of artist LeRone Wilson, nothing could be more true.

A few short years ago, “reality” for the multi-award winning sculpture and his family meant living in a homeless shelter. With three children to support, LeRone and his wife felt knocked their to their knees, unsure of the way out. But they never gave up hope and even in his darkest days, LeRone never gave up on art, either. Seeing it as a light at the end of his tunnel, he continued to work on his craft, sometimes laboring in friends’ studios, motivated by his faith and his family. Then slowly, word began to spread. Pieces were commissioned. Sold. Hung. Published.

He even won the coveted Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series at Art Basel Miami.

Now a new reality has embraced LeRone and his family. Something they imagined, worked toward, dreamed about…and achieved: success.


LeRone perfected his signature sculpting process over the last 15 years, a technique called encaustic painting, which is the process of heating and cooling pigmented beeswax, which he then painstakingly layers to achieve a captivating coral-like texture.

 Every piece is inscribed with the phrase “In His Name”, a dedication to the God who gave him this ability and saw him through the tough times.

“It’s my faith that got me through this,” he said, “not a gallery.”


Several pieces hang on the studio wall, many encased in custom-designed plexiglass to protect against dust and damage.LeRoneWilson7

Inside LeRone’s studio in Harlem


Each piece is unique and thoughtfully crafted to achieve a specific play on light and shadow.

Pigmentation helps LeRone achieve the various colors and tones of his sculptures.


The layered beeswax just begs you to touch it! Depending on how it’s laid, it can look amazingly soft like a shag carpet. I’m not sure how many times I asked, “Can I touch it?”

Like his sculptures, LeRone Wilson has many layers and he draws on them for inspiration. There is emotion in his art. A sense of having “been there”. A personal touch that whispers of both strength and fragility.

Designer Jennifer Post often uses LeRone’s sculptures in her interiors, loving the way they work with any style.JenniferPostDesign1See? It’s perfect in a modern interior, giving it a clean texture that captures attention.

Steps of Triumph by LeRone Wilson

LeRone’s latest endeavor is called “Steps of Triumph”, a  public sculpture planned to be installed on Malcolm X Blvd at 118th Street in Harlem. The finished piece, made of steel, will measure 10ft tall and 2.5ft wide.

According to LeRone’s Website:

“Steps of Triumph represents the journey we take when we face adversity with our everyday lives. It’s about walking in faith through life’s challenges. The uneven steps reflect wrong and right decisions we make each day to get closer to our heart’s desires. There are continual steps to growth, new challenges and discovery. It is white to represent the peace of falling in the clouds, which is God’s hands. The piece also recognizes the steps taken by our leaders, like Malcolm X, to achieve equality and incite unity. It is challenging, and it is steep but there is an end to it — and the walk as a whole is beautiful as we continue to walk in faith.”

Ah, yes, everything you can imagine is real. And sometimes, when miracles happen, reality just might far exceed your imagination.

*        *        *        *

For more information on LeRone Wilson’s art or to contribute to the Steps of Triumph installation, contact him via his website.

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