Grace Kelly at Home: Life as a Princess

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 3Hers is a fairytale that almost didn’t happen. While attending the 1955 Cannes Film Festival, Grace Kelly was approached by Paris Match to do a photoshoot with Prince Rainier III, considered to be the world’s wealthiest bachelor. But the actress had a problem: a scheduling conflict. Fretting, I would imagine, over how to juggle her appointment book, Grace considered declining. But, in a fairytale-like happy ending, she eventually agreed to the shoot. And there, on the steps of her future palace home, the princess met her prince.

And here, we meet Grace Kelly at home.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love this photo of the royal couple’s first meeting. As the story goes, the lovely blue floral dress was the only item in Grace Kelly’s wardrobe that didn’t require ironing (her hotel’s electricity went out!). I’m also captivated by the exterior architecture of the palace, her future home.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 2 via mymateriallife.wordpressAnd now, after witnessing their first date, we fast forward to Grace Kelly at home, living her life as the Princess of Monaco. I’ve noticed several photos in her drawing room seated in front of an exquisite upholstered screen.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 1 - via Picture of Elegance blogTo the right, we see the upholstered screen again, an elegant scene of blue skies and flowering trees. And another interesting upholstery detail: the chair on which they are seated is covered in a fabric that says “I Love You”! Very sweet.

Grace Kelly fabric closeup

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 4We also see the family in a room that leads to the balcony, walls adorned with ornate moldings and the floor laid in an interestingly modern diamond-shape pattern.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 11Prince and Princess pose in the formal room (ballroom perhaps?) giving us a glimpse of their beautiful wedding day…and of those gorgeous wood floors. We also see how the moldings are gilded, complimenting the golden-yellow damask drapes.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 12Several years later, the royal family poses for a photo in the “ballroom” – and it looks like they went rug shopping.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 5I’m not sure this shot was at the palace, since it looks so casual, but perhaps the family had more casual spaces? I’m in love with Princess Grace’s Midentury, subtly-tufted sofa.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 6A gorgeous toile wallpaper makes a bold statement.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 13Gorgeous cobalt-blue is a very regal color choice. And I adore the nailhead detail on Princess Grace’s chair.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 14

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 15Princess Grace in her study, which appears to be a retreat from the rest of the ornate palace. No drapes and a simple chair.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 16 - in front of her parents home in 1953When not in Monaco, we see Grace Kelly at home in Philadelphia, PA where her parents live.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 17 - Kelly at her parents' Philadelphia home in 1954Inside her parents’ cozy living room.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 18Early in their love affair, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier discuss their engagement with her parents in their Philadelphia living room.

Princess Grace Kelly at Home 19And here, we conclude our tour of Grace Kelly’s beautiful life as a Princess, living in a palace but always a Philly hometown girl at heart.

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Photos courtesy of Grace and Family blog, My Material Life blog, and Picture of Elegance blog

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