Luxury Design in Liechtenstein: Anouska Hempel

Luxury Design in Liechtenstein via The Decadence ProjectFor several years, I’ve had an unusual desire: bike my way through Liechtenstein, a tiny European country nestled between Switzerland and Austria that stays relatively attention-free. But after stumbling onto this gorgeous home designed by Anouska Hempel, I have a new desire: bike my way through Liechtenstein then pop by this gorgeous house. Maybe for a glass of local Gewürztraminer. I mean, I don’t know who lives here, or if they keep a stash of wine for weary bicyclers like me, but it’s my fantasy and I’m sticking to it.

Largev-5Anouska’s luxury design in Liechtenstein was inspired by French influences and displays a classical touch.






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    Daily Decadence: Black and White Bedroom

    black and white bedroom via The Decadence ProjectNow THIS is a decadent black and white bedroom! Patterns and textures elevate these two dramatically neutral colors, resulting in a deliciously glamorous bedroom. Let’s see, we have houndstooth, chevron, and block patterns represented, not to mention golden ropes framing the tufted headboard, a geometric lamp, texturized details in the bedside table and even artwork that seems to swirl above it all. Just. Wow.

    Ok, ok, I know super-glam isn’t everyone’s taste. But even if you wouldn’t dig living here, you’ve got to admit, it’s damn fabulous to look at!

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      Decadent Design Tips: 10 Cloche Decor Ideas

      cloche collectionCall it a cloche, call it a bell jar (if it has a handle at the top) but whatever you call it, call it fabulous dah-lings! Most of us have one, or two, or ten stashed in an attic, cabinet, or cardboard box just waiting for its moment to shine. Maybe it was Grandma’s. Maybe Grandma used hers to cover cakes. That’s cool. But now, there are endless uses for these simple little glass coverings and they beg you to get as creative as possible. Cloche decor is all the rage, giving ordinary things a platform on which to perform. A stage on which to shimmer. It’s like framing a favorite item and preserving it forever. Dramatic? Perhaps. But we are loving it!

      wedding clocheUse a cloche as a placeholder at a wedding or even a dinner party, filling it with a lovely amuse-bouche.

      via Lonny Magvia Lonny

      Give your special shoes a place of honor and respect on top of a dresser or front-and-center in your closet.

      lightbulbs in clocheWho said a cloche had to be girlie? Man it up by filling it with lightbulbs (or antique blubs for a cool Steampunk effect)

      image via grahamandgreenAnd while we’re at it, who said a cloche was for adults only? Not me! Encase your kid’s keepsake toys inside glass for to keep them safe for all eternity. Of course, keep the glass out of reach. Disclaimer. Gotta love ‘em.

      corks clocheWhere are my wine lovers? Not sure what to do with all those corks? One word: cloche. Some of you may need lots of them!

      coral in clocheI’m using this idea for a client’s house in the Hamptons…white coral under shiny cloche. Simple yet elegant.

      cloche-with-amethystUse a tiny cloche to display a simple object, like an amethyst, to elevate its status and give it big visual impact.

      Cloche Holiday Decor via The Decadence ProjectHoliday decor isn’t complete without…you guessed it…a cloche (or a bell jar). Fill it with a few favorite items and suddenly, you have a memorable piece to display.

      cloche brunchI can envision this idea for an outdoor party, covering the table setting with a simple glass encasement that not only gives it a hint of elegance but protects it from bugs. Pretty and practical.

      cactus clocheCactus in a cloche. Pure. Awesomeness.

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        Style Decadence: Marvelously Macabre Brooklyn Home

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 14At first glance, this sunny Park Slope townhouse – the former home of JCrew creator Jenna Lyons – looks like a well-designed urban oasis that is as normal as it is elegant. But, as they say, the devil in in the details…and in this house, that’s quite literal! Home owners Vince Clarke and Tracy Martin, the Chief Executive of the Morbid Anatomy Museum, are connoisseurs of the unusual, finding a certain intrigue in morbidity. Drawn to oddities like antique taxidermy, skeletons and medical anatomic illustrations, they knew their home had to reflect their unique sense of style. So, inspired by the Victorian-era, a time when many served up style with a side of spooky, the couple set out to create their marvelously macabre Brooklyn home.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 15Designers Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, who are known for their Steampunk-inspired hotel interiors, were a perfect choice to tackle the ghastly deed! Many references to Dios de las Muertos – the Day of the Dead – can be seen throughout the home, including these fantastical pillows designed by London-based artist Emily Evans, available via Anatomy Boutique.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 13The quintessential Cabinet of Curiosities includes petrified florals and a pair of porcelain feet by artist Kate MacDowell.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 12I’m obsessed with this bathroom, perfect with a black stand-alone tub and wallpaper by Anatomy Boutique.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 11

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 10Well-curated antiques are found throughout the home, including this 19th-century serpentine dresser.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 9A weathered Spanish cabinet plays host to a collection of Ted Muehling candlesticks.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 8On the right, anatomy sketches and on the right, a framed “Mourning Hair” wreath.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 7Stunning hand-embroidered silk wallpaper from Fromental covers the powder room with a unique floral pattern.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 6

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 5The bedroom is painted eggplant and adorned with 17th-century Dutch botanical engravings.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 4Hand-painted silk wallpaper envelops the sitting room, which also includes a stunning Louis XVI daybed.

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 3

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 2

        Brooklyn Brownstone via NYTimes 1

        Personally, I adore this home, finding it incredibly intriguing and hauntingly beautiful. The couple – and the designers! – did a brilliant job of avoiding a “thematic” feel and, instead, simply incorporated beloved objects into the decor…strange as they may be! It’s such a lovely, fascinating, and whimsical home that we are thrilled to get to peek into!

        *        *        *        *

        Images courtesy of NYTimes, Home Section

        Photos by Bruce Buck

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          Decadence Down Under: Artist’s Australian Home

          LeahFraser-vinylcupboardThe brilliant team at The Design Files recently photographed and published this exquisite Australian home, igniting a full-on obsession around the world. It’s not difficult to see why! Owners Leah Fraser and David Shrimpton, who live in Sydney, embraced the history of their Victorian house, intent to “recreate the grandeur of Victorian times.” The house strikes a unique balance of curated and casual, displaying stunning antiques but  not taking itself too seriously.

          Leah, who is an art collector and painter, infused the space with her own brilliantly whimsical creations as well as traditional portraits and unusual finds. In this house, there are no style rules. From traditional to folk to Sir John Soane-inspired details, the home is truly enchanting.

















          When Leah was asked by The Design Files what she loved most about her home, she replied: “I love the little world that we have created here, it feels like a country retreat in the middle of the city. We spend a lot of time at home and put a lot of energy into it.  There is a really interesting point of connect in our tastes, although David’s is more grand and mine is definitely more folk/hippie. It’s like a period piece drama set in a combi van!”

          A perfect summary of a perfect home.

          *        *        *        *

          All images via The Design Files

          Photos by Sean Fennessy

          Production by Lucy Feagins

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            10 Decadent Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

            cleaning ladiesConfession: I truly LOVE Spring Cleaning. As Mother Nature wakes up from her Winter nap, it feels deliciously satisfying to spruce up the indoors, too. Personally, I spice up the experience by putting on jazzy beats and dancing around with the broom. True story. Why not? Life is short. Make it one hell of a good time! So, let’s throw open the windows, turn up the music, and get ready to refresh your home for Spring.

             Refresh your Home for Spring via The Decadence Project

            1)  Paint:  Grab a brush, a friend, and an old T-shirt and get to work! Nothing is more dramatic – and affordable – than updating the color of your hallway, entryway, or kitchen.

            2) Fresh Flowers:  Mix and match your favorite blooms for an instant dose of gorgeousness. My favorites: white tulips with lilacs. Le sigh.

            3) Stock up your Champagne:  Always keep a bottle or two of chilled champagne in the fridge for mimosa brunches, impromptu celebrations, or to be ready to toast a fabulous day.

            4) Replace your Pillows:  It’s suggested that you wash your pillows every 6 months, but personally, I prefer to simply replace my pillows every Spring. I just got these last weekend. Heaven! Not only does this mean new fluffy softness but it also prevents allergens and dust mites.New Pillows

            5) Get a Professional Cleaning:  Splurge on having a top-to-bottom professional clean to get your home off on the right foot…including those pesky windows to let the sun shine in!

            6) Spring-y Scented Candles: Ok, y’all know I’m a sucker for sexy scents. But now that’s it’s spring, I think it’s time to update to something sexy and spring-y. Try Jo Malone’s “Lime Basil and Mandarin” or a delicious “Oranger” by Diptyque.

            7) Do a Thorough Purge:  To paraphrase a favorite quote, “get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you”. Go through your closet, drawers, and hidden nooks to purge the things that simply take up space. Be ruthless! Don’t keep it if you don’t love it.

            8) Update your Vignettes:  Pause – look around your room – what’s on top of your cocktail table? Side table? Buffet? I know, piles of papers and bits of clutter are normal. But now that it’s Spring, consider making tabletops beautiful by creating vignettes of beautiful items, your favorite books, flea market finds, or photos.spring vignette

            9) Rethink Your Art:  Quickly update the look of your room by switching out your artwork. Sound daunting? Nah! Just get creative. Consider framing your favorite fabric, postcards, or even coasters.

            10) Bring the Outside In:  Besides fresh flowers, think about new plants, vases of cherry blossoms, pussy willows, or even funky bowls of fruit.

            blossomsAngela Leland Interiors is currently accepting new clients! Contact me if you need some hands-on help with your Spring Spruce-up or to discuss your design needs:

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              Luxury Illustrator Kerrie Hess

              Kerrie-HessRecently, we took a tour of illustrator Megan Hess’s ultra-feminine Melbourne apartment, melting over her love for Audrey Hepburn and Tiffany blues. And today, we’re indulging in another chic Hess family member: Megan’s sister Kerrie Hess, also an illustrator for luxury branding. What a dynamic family duo!!

              Kerrie-Hess LadureeThe sisters have their own drawing styles, which reflect their personal viewpoints. I love Kerrie’s touch of watercolor!



              KerrieHess8Kerrie Hess often posts photos of her works in progress on her Instagram account. Check it out here!

              Kerrie-Hess-mintKerrie’s clients include French macaron luxe shop Laduree.

              KerrieHess5Snacks and sketches!




              Kerrie-Hess Laduree 2Simple touches of color is Kerrie’s signature.



              KerrieHess1Prints of Kerrie’s work are available on her website.

              Shoestring ChicThe Illustrator Down Under even wrote a deliciously beautiful book, Shoe String Chic: 101 Ways to Live The Fashionably Luxe Life for Less. We absolutely adore it here at The Decadence Project!

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                Lose Yourself

                lose yourselfWhere do you lose yourself? Where do you find yourself?

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                  Flirty Florals

                  Ralph Lauren - flirty floralsFloral dress by Ralph Lauren

                  The calendar says it’s Spring and in New York, we’re simply waiting for Mother Nature to catch up. Buds are on the trees, bulbs are in the ground, and any day now the whole earth will burst with delicious color! The streets of New York will also be bursting, too…with flirty florals! I love watching the flouncy dresses come out of our closets, the happy open-toe shoes slip onto our feet, and the Spring Cleaning that spruces up our homes for a fresh, new season. Flowers, flowers everywhere!

                  by Charlotte Moss for One Kings LaneDesigned by Charlotte Moss

                  flirty florals via The Decadence Project

                  70ca65be84120e7499e2657d51ce5172Floral tattoos are glorious anytime!

                  Hill Country Floral BedroomBring a little touch of spring into the bedroom with a simple floral pattern, like this one via Hill Country.


                  c753db4c056971f142aaffacc093de2dSadly, I’m unsure who makes these shoes. If anyone knows, comment or email me. I MUST have them!

                  620ba56ce16e58886dbde42e1c129dafBlack and white floral wallpaper works in any season and with practically any style.

                  hana jirickova for harper’s bazaar

                  via house beautiful

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                    Decadent Decisions: Pet Adoption

                    Sadie via The Decadence ProjectYesterday, I made a life-changing decision…I adopted Sadie!

                    For nearly a year, I’ve been pining for a puppy. And every now and then, I’d peruse puppy postings, daydreaming about having a little darling. But my pet adoption attempts just never worked out…until I met Sadie.

                    Sadie was staying at the wonderful Sean Casey Animal Shelter in Brooklyn, NY, a no-kill facility that rescued her from a “kill list” in the South. I happened to stumble upon her little face online and fell in love instantly. We were meant for each other! After calls with the shelter and deep introspection, I went to Brooklyn to get my baby.

                    Sadie kissesAdjusting to life with a new creature isn’t easy. I’ve experienced intense love, amazing support, and moments of sheer terror (what the hell did I just do!?) all in just 24 hours. But overall, it’s absolute bliss. Bonding is beautiful and there are nothing like tiny kiss licks on your nose. So, for anyone considering adopting a puppy of your own:

                    Here are my Top Ten Things Learned the First Day of Pet Parenthood:

                    1)  Fear is natural when making  life-changing commitment – do it anyway

                    2) Buying bulk paper towels is a wise investment…

                    3) …so is something called “Nature’s Miracle” spray cleaner.

                    4) Sleep will not happen the first night. I’m assured it won’t happen the 2nd night either.

                    5) Sudden silence is suspicious

                    6) Puppy yawns will turn you to mush

                    7) If you’re in an apartment building, buy your neighbors earplugs  – puppy cries are not cute at 3am

                    8) Failing to assemble the crate correctly will result in a prison break – pups are smart!

                    9) You will forget to eat.

                    10) Within 24hrs, despite the concerns, work, lack of sleep, and odd new smells…it is already worth it.

                    Love you, Sadie!!

                    Sadie pose